What are my plans?

Government Operations

My plans are to reduce the operational costs of government. When I refer to “operational costs”, I am speaking in reference to facility services. I will introduce a bill to have Solar Panels on all government buildings to reduce the long term liability to taxpayers. The renewable energy that is generated from the Solar Panels will not only cut down expenses, but can become an second income stream to the government! 


Since “The Wall” is being funded, it will help with the long term immigration regulation. I would introduce a bill for the following resolutions to current undocumented immigrants. 

An effort to reach a greater population, I can reduce the penalty fee from $10,000 to $4,000. This would be for immigrants who are ALREADY in the United States. Giving them a chance to register and become residents at local immigration offices. Conducting consultant interviews at local immigration offices within the United States instead of out of the country.


In regards to DACA recipients, in order to give them a road to citizenship,  I would impose a $10,000 fee and remove the ability for them to have duel citizenship with another country. They would vow to have loyalty to the United States of America only. 

Undocumented Parents of U.S. Citizens

I would provide a temporary exemption for parents of U.S. Citizens to file for their Green cards. A $10,000 fee would be implemented instead of them having to leave the country for 10 years. 

Active Military or Previous Military Service

Should an undocumented immigrate has served in one of our military branches, they will automatically be eligible for U.S Citizenship for service to our country.